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The Way We Saw It

The Way We Saw Zipolite


The Lonely Planet guide says, once arrived you will always push your departure forward. When reading this we were thinking «of course»! So we booked 10 days in this post hippie paradise. The luxury of doing nothing, enjoying naked sunbathing and the acceptance for all creatures that blossomed out of humanity make this place unique but maybe not for everyone. We stayed two months. And returned again... and again.


Huatulco and Puerto Escondido airports make it very easy to reach Zipolite. Multiple low cost flights from Mexico City and some other Mexican cities connect you well. We recommend Huatulco as it will only take 55 minutes by car to reach Zipolite. Transport booked inside the airport is about 50 USD. Walk outside the airport area to the gas station and pay half that for a local taxi without AC.



«Are you visiting or staying?» was a question we received in the first week. This might say a lot about your type of accommodation. A room or a house? For the first few days we booked a room and looked on site for a house to rent. Especially from November to February and Easter you should make your reservation well before arrival.

El Alquimista is one of the best places to stay directly on the beach. The Hotel Nude has a fairly liberal view in terms of clothing and the rooms are beautiful. Ask for rooms facing the sea as they offer spectacular views and more privacy. If you belong to the category, the sound of the sea is too loud, I cannot sleep, opt for the Casa Flor de Mar, Heven, Casa Sol, or Casa Blanca. Casa Mixteca located on the Main Street has beautiful little apartments but they might be a bit noisy in high season. El Poseidon guest house located on the hill near Casa Flor de Mar is a wonderful option for LGBT visitors. There are also numerous budget places to stay, or how about a Hammock at the beach?


The best Restaurant in town is the La Providencia. Nestled in the tropical gardens of Zipolite this is as fancy as it gets here. However, do not expect high heels and leave your fancy clothes at home. Come in the Zipolite standard, flip flops, shorts and a T-Shirt.

The beautifully situated El Alquimista offers a stunning setting directly at the beach. Sometimes, the quality of the food can be inconsistent, but definitely come here and enjoy one of their Margaritas with stunning vistas. Maybe you have a liquid dinner?

Posada Mexico has good Pizza and homemade fresh pasta served in a holiday fairy-tale setting. An additional reason are the cocktails served for happy hour.

Simple, good and more than generous portions are served at the Sal y Pimienta. Try the burgers or fresh grilled fish while having your feet in the sand. Use the chili sauce with caution.

The best breakfast and coffee are served at Oralé Café. Freshly made and healthy juices, fresh fruits with Yoghurt and Granola. And don’t forget to try Ivans legendary French Toast with real maple syrup while enjoying the shade of the beautiful garden. This is also a good place to connect with locals.

Vale's Madre is a hidden gem and offers authentic Italian cuisine prepared by Vale's mother. It has a small wonderful wine list. Try the whole grain pasta and leave some space for their Tiramisu. They also serve sushi and it is the only place in town where you can have a poke bowl.

A new addition in town is the La Fenice that serves the best pizza in town. The choice is large and the pizzas are prepared in a well heated pizza oven that make them crispy and super tasty.

After dinner

The beach has a large number of bars directly facing the ocean with mainly beers to serve and various music styles to enjoy. In town, If you haven't tried Mezcal yet, the Entropia has a nice tasting of three Mezcales on offer. With that you may even get to try Chapulines, the local grasshoppers to taste. The Chizme Bar offers a large selection of cocktails in a small and cosy ambiance.



Walk towards the east end of the beach and go up the stairs over the cliff to Playa del Amor to find your personal amor. Everybody hangs out at this beach, often naked and no matter what sexual orientation. Swimming can be tricky here, be aware of the rocks.


A half day trip to Mazunte is a nice alternation to your lazy life in Zipolite. Punta Cometa, the southernmost cliff of Oaxaca state offers spectacular views for sunset and on the pacific. The hike is about 1 to 2 hours, depending on how many pictures you want to post on your social media. Once done with the struggle, have dinner at the Chinese Loun Tou, the Italian Alessandro’s or the French La Cuisine before heading back.


On the west end of the beach, at the foot of the Shambala look for a little palm-leaf covered pavilion. Elyel, a fully trained massage therapist will give you a serious treatment while the sound of the waves beat any relaxing spa music.

Definitely visit Maila at 9.00 every morning (times may vary so check the times on arrival) at the El Alquimista spa for an excellent, totally relaxed hour of Yoga. It was our best session of this Indian philosophy on the trip so far. Afternoon classes are often available too. Many other hotels also offer yoga spaces and even retreats.

Did you know

The first settlers on this 1,5 km long and bright beach were Hippies from San Diego. As the pacific is often very rough and fishermen could not access the beach from the sea side, the flower children hiked over from Mazunte and founded the Shambala. The spirit of humanity, acceptance, peace and love still lives on today and makes this place so special.

Be sure to bring enough cash with you as Zipolite has only two ATM’s which are mostly out of order. Next possibility to fill up is in Puerto Angel, Mazunte or Pochutla.


Like everywhere in Mexico, common sense prevails. However, the general atmosphere in Zipolite is about tolerance and acceptance that enhances the feeling of security a lot. Only carry the necessary when going to the beach and do not leave your things unattended when you are off for a swim. And do not walk alone on the beach after 2AM.

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