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We are Martti and Fridtjof and we are independent travellers on a trip around the world since July 2016. Our travels will bring you to various destinations, first in Europe and since February 2017, around the world starting in South America.

Martti was born in Helsinki, Finland and moved to Switzerland in the tender age of 22 and has spent most of his time in the French-speaking part, in Lausanne and Geneva.

Fridtjof was born in Stade, near Hamburg in Germany and moved to Switzerland in 1999, first to Lucerne and then settling in Zurich.

We met in Zurich in early 2005 and have been a couple since. Martti moved to Zurich in 2008 and we got married in 2010.


We have both worked intensely in various positions allowing us to travel a lot for work. In 2007, we started our own company which we sold in 2013. At this moment, the idea of a “sabbatical” started to germinate in our minds. Long discussions, more and more detailed plans and ideas resulted us to leave our “static” lives behind and do what we always had dreamed about: travel the world and discover its beauty.


In this blog, you can follow us as we travel and get access to resources, tips and ideas which might help you to make the threshold of engaging to your own adventure lower. You will be able to watch our travel videos, which try to give you, in addition to the touristic aspects, more personal insights to the destinations we visit.


We hope you enjoy the ride with us! Do not hesitate to follow us or contact us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and do let us know if we are in your area, we would be happy to meet for a chat around a coffee, a beer or a glass of red. Just see on the bottom of the home page the mention “Currently in…”.


Safe travels, always!

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