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The Way We Saw It



We have now been travelling around the world for a little more than a year. We have visited many beautiful places and met some wonderful people. But at one point there is a time to say goodbye. Goodbye lovely friends for letting us stay in your house for a month, goodbye beautiful beach of Bahia, amazing city of Rio, goodbye wonderful Machu Picchu.

It is, more or less easy to leave places, as you know you can return anytime and they will most probably not have changed much. But saying goodbye to friends you made during your trip is more difficult, emotional, hard and often sad.

Some become very close friends and some are fun to have around. Some fill up your Facebook account and others will add likes to you Instagram in the future. But a few touch your heart. You meet them and instantly you are on the same level. We admit, it doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

The extent of emotion when saying goodbye to your parents probably depends on the relationship you have with them. For us, ahead of such a long trip, it was especially difficult. They are of a certain age now and we couldn’t help but as ourselves if this might be the last time we might see them.

Video chat and messenger services make it easy to stay in contact from almost anywhere in the world but it will never replace a real meeting.

So goodbye you sweet beach affair that kissed so well, goodbye those eyes that moved something inside, goodbye you lovely house with this wonderful bed I slept so well in, farewell you deep blue sea and the sound of the waves still in my ears. And goodbye you little hippie village at the beach where everything seemed so easy.

Kiss me hard before you go

Summertime sadness

I just wanted you to know

That baby, you’re the best

And Lana del Rey probably knows the rest... We know or we have learned that we should enjoy the here and now and yes this has been said so many times that it sounds like an elderly person wants to give comfort to you.

So don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Isn’t life made of moments like this? You cannot come back if you do not leave and say goodbye.

The next time you say goodbye, think about the pleasant anticipation you feel when you meet again.

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