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Our Gear


We’ve often been asked what material we use to travel with and to make our vlogs on YouTube. We have gathered below a list of the essentials that will allow you to get inspired.

The links behind each item are so called “affiliate links” which allow you to directly purchase the item should you wish to do so. Using this link will allow us to earn a little commission on the purchase, however will not affect your price.

Let’s start with the filming equipment

Our compact camera is the Sony alpha 5100. This camera is light and has a handy flappable screen at the back which allows you to easily shoot vlogs and see yourself at the same time. It is light and has an excellent auto focus function. It also makes very good pictures.

The standard Sony objective that goes with the camera is a pretty overall solution for good shots.

A good Selfie Stick is necessary and you may want to choose one with a long handle that will allow you to shoot some amazing “drone effect” shots. We are using the one from Sony.

We also have a reflex camera for professional like shots. We use this a lot in the nature for sharp shots. This is a Nikon DF DSLR camera.

The Nikon comes with a standard objective but we got a more professional one to give us more flexibility. The objective is a Tamaron.

Our action camera is the latest from GoPro, this version has a back screen and a voice control which makes its use very easy. It is also water proof until 10 meters so for snorkelling or pool shooting it is always ready.

Nevertheless, we have a GoPro housing for diving and snorkelling as the house also has practical connection to a floater, a filter and the selfie stick.

For underwater shots we use a red filter to allow colour adjustment, this is absolutely necessary to have stronger colours.

A practical tool for sunset time lapses is the Scenelapse for GoPro. It allows the camera to move automatically and vertically and add to the time laps effect.

For our Flight Reviews we use a Suctioncup from GoPro to stabilise the camera. This is useful for any places where vibration might be an issue.

We also have an external microphone for the GoPro to be able to record in windy conditions. This Microphone fades the wind sound completely.

You will need an adapter for Microphone to hook it up with your GoPro.

For added storage space for your Sony Alpha 5100 camera, you will need an SD Card1.

For added storage space for your GoPro Action Camera, you will need an SD Card2.

And finally, a GorillaPod is a good thing to have as a stative that you can basically hook to any support, including a branch of a tree:

To edit the videos, we use the MacBook Pro from Apple with Final Cut Pro X programme. The note book is a 13in version with a 16GB storage space, enough to run the editing programme.

►► Must have travel gadgets:

Noise cancellation headphones from Bose.

Universal world wide travel adapter and USB charger.

Powercube for the case you only have one plug in your room.

Victorinox Swiss pocket knife.

Travel bags for more space in your bag.

Speaker as we can not live with out music

Packsafe in case you don't have a safe in the room or hotel.

Diary for a few lines a day.

Powerbank to charge up your gear during travel.

External Disc to back up all your files.

Wifi Hotspot to avoid high roaming fees. We always use a local sim card in our mobile phones.

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