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The Way We Saw It

Cachoeira, the sleeping beauty

If your travels take you to Bahia and the area of Salvador, one place you should not miss is the living witness to history of the area and the whole country.

Cachoeira (“Waterfall” in Portuguese) is located a two hour drive north-west from Salvador towards inland. Founded in 1674 it had its zenith in the 19th century. At that time, Salvador was still the colonial capital and Cachoeira, being located at a strategic point on the last navigable point of the Paraguaçu River, was the center point where gold from the mining areas on Rio das Contas, tobacco and sugarcane were traded and shipped from. This brought Cachoeira to its blossom in the 19th century.

After Salvador, it contains the largest amount of Barock buildings in Brazil and is considered a national monument. Needless to say, it is undergoing a kind of a tourist revival. Enjoy the pictures.

We stayed two nights in Cachoeira at the Identidade Brasil (very simple pousada with excellent breakfast). You can also try the Pousada Treze de Março (well located and new) or the Pousada Convento do Carmo (a larger Hotel).

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