The Way We Saw It

We are Martti and Fridtjof and we are independent travellers on a trip around the world since July 2016. Our travels will bring you to various destinations, first in Europe and since February 2017, around the world starting in South America.

With “independent travellers” we mean that we choose our itinerary, accommodation, means of transportation and activities independently, without sponsoring and review it all the way we saw it, critically and constructively.


In this blog, you can follow us as we travel and get access to resources, tips and ideas which might help you to make the threshold of engaging to your own adventure lower. You will be able to watch our travel videos, which try to give you, in addition to the touristic aspects, more personal insights to the destinations we visit.


We have just started, so this website is still under construction, with an ever-increasing amount of contributions, destinations and tips. If you have any suggestions, ideas or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


Safe travels, always!

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