17 Nov 2018

During our current, more than 2-year trip around the world, Airbnb has definitely become a way to find accommodation which we appreciate.

13 Sep 2018

Read all about our gear for photo and video production as well as our beloved travel must-haves.

12 Jun 2018

You have probably bought travel insurance many times for your travels abroad. Here is some information on this important subject.

2 May 2018

While writing theses lines we are sitting on a beautiful terrace in our Airbnb apartment in Florianopolis, Brazil. It is fall here and still 29 degrees during the day and pleasant cool nights....

7 Sep 2017

Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime sadness, I just wanted you to know, That baby, you’re the best...

19 Jun 2017

During our travels in Argentina, we gathered experiences around the relationship of the Argentinians with money.

14 Jun 2017

We’ve often been asked what material we use to travel with and to make our vlogs on YouTube. We have gathered below a list of the essentials that will allow you to get inspired.

The links behind...

3 Jun 2017

Let’s face it, without modern technology traveling how we like to do it would be nearly impossible. Our laptops and smartphones become unreplaceable allies in researching, planning and booking...

15 Feb 2017

In preparation for our trip around the world we also had to go through our things at home and sort out what to keep and store and what to get rid of. Everyone has probably heard of Marie Kondo...

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