28 Oct 2019

About The Cycladic Island of Anafi lies hidden east from the better-known island of Santorini (which is officially called the island of Thira)

13 Sep 2018

Read all about our gear for photo and video production as well as our beloved travel must-haves.

7 Sep 2018

Panama City is the largest city in Panama and with its 880’000 inhabitants one of the smaller Latin American capital cities.

5 Sep 2018

About Oaxaca City, or Oaxaca de Juárez, is the Capital City from the State of Oaxaca, its ranked fourth in the poverty rate of all Mexican States.

11 Aug 2018

The Cycladic Island of Ios lies halfway between Naxos and Santorini and is often overlooked as one of the stops on the way from one island to the other.

27 Dec 2017

Medellin, the city with a negative connotation, is a vibrant metropolis today.

14 Jun 2017

We’ve often been asked what material we use to travel with and to make our vlogs on YouTube. We have gathered below a list of the essentials that will allow you to get inspired.

The links behind...

3 Jun 2017

Let’s face it, without modern technology traveling how we like to do it would be nearly impossible. Our laptops and smartphones become unreplaceable allies in researching, planning and booking...

26 Mar 2017

We opted for Chile quite early in our journey because we wanted to see Patagonia before the Austral winter.

1 Mar 2017

A different story or is it? As we travel through Brazil, we have realized that there is more to Cachaça than the well known Caipirinha.

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